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Welcome to GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management ® Standards & Accreditation Council. Our Certification Body regulates the standards for credentialing and the accredited education criteria for qualified business programs that are a path to our prestigious  certifications. The International Board of Standards awards designations and board certification in the finance, accounting, and management consulting areas.

ChFI Chartered Fraud Investigator ™
The premier fraud investigation designation for financial analysts, bankers, revenue agents, and accountants.

Elevate Your Career: Become a Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI) with GAFM

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, the threat of fraud is more pervasive and sophisticated than ever. Traditional methods of fraud detection and prevention are no longer sufficient to protect businesses and institutions from significant financial losses. This is where the role of a Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI) becomes indispensable.


Conventional fraud detection and investigation approaches often rely on methods that are increasingly insufficient against sophisticated fraud schemes. Your organization is in trouble waters already if it still relies on Rule-based Systems, Manual Audit and Reviews, Static Data Analysis, Batch Processing, Systematic Linear Investigative Models, First-order Level Cross Referencing etc. ChFI holders come with a new, different, advanced, better training and better game at Fraud prevention, detection, investigation and insight.


Why Pursue the ChFI Certification?


1. Master Cutting-Edge Techniques

  • Stay Ahead of the Curve: Equip yourself with the latest techniques in fraud detection and prevention. The ChFI certification provides advanced training that goes beyond traditional methods, ensuring you stay ahead in the fight against financial crime.

  • Leverage Advanced Technology: Learn to harness the power of advanced assessment tools and real-time monitoring systems that can identify complex fraud dynamics and anomalies, ensuring quicker and more accurate detection and investigation that leads to outstanding insights.

2. Develop Critical Analytical Skills

  • Uncover Hidden Dynamics: Gain the ability to analyze vast amounts of data to uncover intricate fraud schemes. The ChFI program trains you to think critically and see beyond the obvious, identifying subtle indicators of fraudulent activity.

  • Comprehensive Investigation Techniques: Acquire skills in conducting thorough investigations, from initial detection to evidence gathering and presenting findings. This comprehensive approach ensures you are well-prepared to handle any fraud case.

3. Enhance Internal Controls

  • Strengthen Organizational Defenses: Learn how to design and implement robust internal control systems that can prevent fraud before it occurs. Your expertise will be vital in creating a secure financial environment for any organization.

  • Risk Management Expertise: Understand how to assess and manage fraud risks effectively, providing valuable insights that help mitigate potential threats and safeguard assets.

4. Professional Growth and Recognition

  • Global Certification: The ChFI certification from GAFM is recognized worldwide, enhancing your professional credibility and opening doors to career opportunities in various sectors, including banking, insurance, consulting, and government.

  • Career Advancement: Stand out in the competitive job market with a certification that demonstrates your commitment to excellence and your expertise in fraud investigation. The ChFI credential is a mark of distinction that employers highly value.

5. Join a Network of Experts

  • Connect with Peers: Becoming a ChFI means joining a global network of fraud investigation professionals. Share knowledge, learn from others, and stay informed about the latest developments and best practices in the field.

  • Continuous Learning: The GAFM provides ongoing professional development opportunities, ensuring that you continue to grow and adapt to new challenges in fraud investigation.

Take the Next Step in Your Career

Don’t wait for fraud to strike. Be proactive and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to protect your organization and advance your career. Enroll in the Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI) program today and become a pivotal force in the fight against financial crime.


Apply Now and transform your career with the GAFM Global Academy of Finance and Management. Secure your place among the elite professionals who are leading the charge in fraud prevention and investigation.



A. Direct accreditation + ChFI certification: 1000 USD for experienced auditors, examiners, risk managers and investigators( minimal courseware inclusive).

B. 2500 USD for ChFI full courseware + Exam + Accreditation + Certification.

Hopefully, our GAFM- ChFI certification courseware will help the finance, audit & risk management profession understand the important consequences of wrongdoing with regards to fraud, thereby, making the analyst or investigator better equipped to detect fraud, and, lastly, to confer an understanding of the detrimental consequences of fraud, not only to the individual making the choice to commit fraud, but to society as a whole.


Contact: Cc: and +2348023054799 for further details on the Chartered Fraud Investigator (ChFI) GAFM program.


* GAFM is a global and world wide recognized professional certification body for elite finance & management professionals. GAFM certifications are FINRA recognised. is a global faculty for GAFM certification programs & accreditations in West Africa.

Contact- Dir Samuel Temitope Apanisile. Cc  

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The GAFM International Board of Standards is TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Training Standards


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The GAFM Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs



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