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Online Certification Programs

  1. The GAFM has accredited various online programs for professional certification.

  2. Here are top courses or MOOCs Massive Online Open Courses that you can take to become eligible for certification.



edX Online Courses – Here are 8 Courses that would be Recognized for Certification.

1.        Take the edX Intro to PM Course  to earn CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® Certification - 262,695 already enrolled! (University of Adelaide)  

2.        Take This edX Wharton, Business Strategy: Competitive Advantage Course to become eligible for MMC Master Management Consultant® Certification - 9,767 already enrolled!   

3.        Take this edX IMF Financial Analysis Course to earn the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®  Certification - 13,775 already enrolled!  

4.        Take this edX RIT, Best Practices Project Management  to earn MPM Master Project Manager ®  Certification - 36,723 already enrolled! 

5.        Take the IIMB Economics Course to earn the ChE Chartered Economist  ®   Certification with 27,848 already enrolled!   

6.         Take this  IIMB Course  to become certified as a CMA Certified Marketing Analyst™  which has 51,642   already enrolled!  

7.        Take the edX Babson Accounting Course to earn AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  credential.  27,996 already enrolled!   

8.         Take this Adelaide Risk  course to become a CRA Certified Risk Analyst  ®   in Project Management.-  18,904   already enrolled!  


FutureLearn Courses – Here are 8 Courses that would be Recognized for Certification. 

1.       Take the Future Learn PM Course to earn CIPM Certified International Project Manager ® Certification - Coventry University 

2.       Take The FL Management Course to earn MMC Master Management Consultant® Certification – Coventry University 

3.       Take this 4 Course FL Finance Course Bundle to earn the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®  Certification  

4.       Take this PM Certificate or Diploma to earn MPM Master Project Manager ®  Certification Anglia Ruskin  

5.        Take this Marketing Analytics Course to become certified as a CMA Certified Marketing Analyst™  

6.       Take the FL Financial Accounting Course to earn AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  credential.  Thousands already enrolled! 

7.       Take this Global Risk course to become a CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®   in Project Management.-  Thousands  already enrolled! 

Coursera Courses – Here are 8 Courses Recognized for Certifications. 

1.       Take the Coursera Intro to Project Management  to earn CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®Certification – 57 Thousand  enrolled

2.       Take This Strategic Management Course from Copenhagen Business School to become eligible for MMC Master Management Consultant® Certification – 50 thousand recently enrolled

3.       Take this  Financial Analysis Course from Univ. Melbourne to earn the AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®Certification - 35 Thousand

4.       Take this University of California Project Management Course to earn MPM Master Project Manager ®  Certification -  -  222 Thousand Enrolled

5.       Take the Columbia Economics Money and Banking Course to earn the ChE Chartered Economist  ®   Certification with 62 Thousand  in this course. 

6.        Take this  Digital Marketing Course to become certified as a CMA Certified Marketing Analyst™  Certification -  300 Thousand  in this course. 

7.       Take the UVA Managerial Accounting Course to earn AMA Accredited Management Accountant ®  credential.  * 7 Thousand Plus students who may want to register for certification. 

8.        Take this University of Geneva   course to become a CRA Certified Risk Analyst  ®    **** 27 Thousand Enrolled


Benefits of Certification:

• Accreditation - Be a Member of an Organization that is ESQ Accredited and ISO Certified 9001 or Quality and ISO Certified 29990 for Training.

• Jobs and Resume - Gain Recognition and Specialized Certifications from our Professional Global Certifying Body and Accreditation Council.

Verified - US and Credential Recognition with US Credential Verification. Use of Board Certified Post Nominals and Designations after your name on your Business Card

• Promotions and Job Security - Protect your job by achieving recognition from: an independent, vendor neutral, recognized and global authority

• Digital Relations - Enhance your digital resume a key membership and industry recognized certification.

• Post Nominal Acronyms - You can add Designation after your name, and GAFM ® to your Resume, Degree or Professional Licenses & Improve your professional image and salary potential

• Publications - Request to Publish Research on our journal, publications, or website as a Certified Member.

• Outreach - Assist the Academy with its volunteer work with the United Nations, Accreditation Agencies, and Department of Labor.

• Continuing Ed - Obtain CPE continuing education easily from any of the 900+ Programs and Business schools that we recognize

• Exclusive Career Tools - Join our Global Members network and Career Tools

• Networking - Members in more than 150 Countries with Global Professional Membership and Articulation Alliances- Some of the oldest social networks in the world. LINKED in Group 959

• Alliances and Global Recognition - The GAFM ® Board has international alliances with Leading Associations in the Arab World, Asia, Africa, India, China, Asia, Singapore and more.

• Conferences - The GAFM ® Official Approved Annual Conferences are TOP Global Conference on International Money, Tax, and Market Issues. Events

• Top Faculty from around the world are GAFM Members, Global Advisors and Fellows.

Membership Growth and Activity

Membership Growth - This year GAFM ® expects to grow our membership by another 8000 new members in Asia, Middle-East, Africa, India, and Europe. In percentage growth terms, this makes us the fastest growing graduate professional standards body in the world that promotes ACBSP Business School Accreditation Standards.

Greater Cosultative status with regulators and official bodies -In the last few years, GAFM ® has worked hard to establish relationships with leading bodies such as the TUV Accreditation Body, CHEA Council of Higher Education, ISO 29990 Certification, ACBSP Accreditation Council of Business schools and Programs, UAE Securities and Exchange, United Nations, Indonesia BNSP Authority, Qatar Financial Centre, Capital Markets Authority, Monetary Authority of Singapore, US Dept of Labor, the Labor Department of the Chinese government and many others

Improved Networking opportunities - GAFM ® continues to conduct e-Networking Events for our members in Dubai, Kuwait, Hong Kong, China, Singapore and elsewhere to provide opportunities for members to meet, collaborate, find job opportunities, negotiate deals and network.

Improved Member Services - This year has seen the launch of new digital member toolkits for certified professionals, improved online platform for members to download articles and publications, the launch e-newsletters and collaboration with job search firms for connecting members to career opportunities.

Moving Further Fast - GAFM ® continues to grow our network of accredited providers or partners. New chapters have or are been launched in Italy, UK, Greece, Egypt, China and India

More than 150 countries – Members in 150+ countries, and articulation agreements with accreditation agencies and 800+ business schools globally make us one of the broadest connected new professional associations in the world.

What can the Board of Standards and Global Academy do for you?

Good question! The GAFM ® is an association set up by professionals for professionals, so we are constantly working on improving the services, features and content available to AAFM ® members. Here’s how we can help:

Expansion of Opportunity- I’m a certified professional.
When you complete a GAFM ® designation program, you get a post-nominal certification based on quality standards that you can use on your business card, resume, email signature and other personal collateral .

GAFM Consults with US, United Nations and NGOs and  Governmental bodies.
Salary surveys of certified versus non-certified professionals show that certified membership can expect better pay or promotion opportunity or NOT getting laid off.  

Beat the Competition, Get That Promotion, and Be a Winner
GAFM ® has access to a network of professional executive search agencies, professional recruitment companies, job boards and social networks that can accelerate your search for your next career milestone. We can also provide a reference letter, and access to job postings online thru the member’s site.

Disclaimer:  Some courses have a fee and some may even be free. Some courses and providers offer excellent subscription programs for great prices.  Those who successfully complete a course, may apply for certification after showing good faith completion of the requirements of the course, experience, education, and agree to CE and Continuing Education.  Certification requires registration and payment of certification or designation fee. The GAFM does not endorse or recognize directly any school, professor, or group nor has the GAFM received any direct endorsement from the course providers or professors.  Each course hosted on a MOOC system or platform may be owned by a professor, college, corporate entity, university, or privately owned. Prices and availability are the concern of the provider. We take no responsibiltiy for the actions of any course provider, professor, or educational body nor do we endorse their views or statements.

About GAFM


The GAFM International Board of Standards is TUV Accredited and ISO Certified for Quality and ISO 21001 Certified for Training Standards


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 Accredited Certified Financial Analyst Chartered Accountant

Top Certifications and Designations

  • AFA Accredited Financial Analyst ®
  • AMA Accredited Management Accountant  ®
  • AMC Accredited Management Consultant  ®
  • CRA Certified Risk Analyst ®
  • MFP Master Finanical Planner
  • CTEP Chartered Trust & Estate Planner
  • CIPM Certified International Project Manager ®
  • MPM Master Project Manager ®


The GAFM Board is the 1st Graduate Certification Body to Become Accredited  and Certified for: ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 29990 Training in the World. GAFM ® owns the former AAFM ® Certifications and Programs



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